About Us

ZERO HOMZ, is a new online platform for buying/selling & renting properties that makes it easier to find your new home without paying any brokerage what-so-ever.

ZERO HOMZ ,  was started because all of us believed that paying hefty brokerage cannot be the only option to find a new home. As tenants/landlords, we have been paying these brokerages year on year without seeing any advantage of the broker. The only reason he existed was that there was a huge information asymmetry in the market. ZERO HOMZ ,  is a platform that removes this information asymmetry and provides a marketplace for free exchange of this information that used to cost 1-2 months of rent as brokerage.

 Moreover, in search of a new home, these brokers existed only in lieu of giving us the information of the new properties coming in the area and for this thing, we pay them max of 10% brokerage, making the property more out of reach of common people.

We have done 2 things to help you find that perfect home:

Firstly, we have painstakingly verified each listing and made sure that these are direct listings from the Builders/companies/landlords and there are no middlemen or brokers.

Secondly, we have also tried to ensure that maximum information is available to you in as easy to use format. This ensures that you get a very good idea of the property even before you visit it. Thus, you can shortlist homes sitting at the comfort of your home without actually traveling. This saves your time and effort and with a quick shortlist of 4-5 properties you can actually get a house in few hours.

Moreover, if you have finalized any property through any source, just let us know about it and we will help in getting the Brokerage part cancelled from the value of property. So, happy house hunting and get in touch with us to let us know how else we can help!

ZERO HOMZ , lets you find tenants without any broker acting as a middleman. Apart from the fact that this can be much more convenient and safe (you don't have to handover keys to an unknown person) it will help you save time and money.

Most brokers don't filter people and end up showing houses randomly. This would mean that only when you meet the tenants you would come to know if that person would   fit in the society rules or not. This leads to lot of inconvenience and wastage of time. Also, brokers hoard the information and create the information asymmetry. They decide who should not see your house because there is another landlord who may give him little extra brokerage. While in case of ZERO HOMZ,  you would be speaking to the potential tenant before you actually show him the house. Even the key can be kept with the society secretary if you do not want to go to the house every time the tenant wants to see. Many landlords also fix up a day and time when they are there and all tenants can come and see the house in that time.

Also, you end up saving on brokerage that is anywhere between 15 days to 2 month's rent. Some brokers also charge this every year. When both you and tenant are not paying the brokerage, tenants are also willing to pay a little higher rent. So, you can expect to get 2-4% higher rent as compared to what brokers may get you. It's a win-win for both the landlord and tenant.

The listing is very simple and intuitive. It would take less than 5 minutes and post that , we just verify to make sure that no broker is listing. We also use innovative and easy technology like whatsapp to help you list your property. If at any stage you need any guidance, you can always speak to our customer service manager. We also make sure that any person listing as landlord is not a broker, and thus you do not get any of those pesky calls. Once the listing is done, you would start getting enquiries from genuine tenants.