Things Needs To Be Checked Before Buying Home for the First Time
November 29, 2017
ZEROHOMZ – A legend in the field of brokerage free homes
January 4, 2018

Money is of primary importance as it buys a roof for you. Buying and selling a house can be a risky business hence spending your money judiciously is advisable.

Buying, selling & renting properties are a hectic and cumbersome process with a number of middlemen involved. Lack of experience and buying & selling skills can land you in big trouble.

In order to find a new home, we usually pay 10% brokerage to these brokers in exchange for information regarding the new properties present in the area in the near future.

Least we know that the brokerage paid by us as tenants or landlord is a kind of bribery for the asymmetrical information given by the brokers, which is definitely not worth it.

Want to save your penny! is there to help you, is a brand new online portal for buying/selling & renting properties. They believe in serving their customers in the best possible way with honesty and loyalty as their priority. Every customer wants to avail the quick, easy and best services at the least price possible and this website provides you with all that. Check out the list below, I hope no service is missing.

  • No to brokerage what-so-ever
  • No middle-man involved
  • Verified list of homes from Builders /companies/ landlords within 5 minutes(minus brokers on the list)
  • Maximum amount of information in a symmetrical manner
  • Easy to understand, no false claims or information
  • Quick shortlisting of houses
  • No to visiting every property
  • Saves time, energy and effort
  • Get help and cancel brokerage of already finalized property
  • Find Tenants with no mediator involved
  • Get your list of property on what’s app (innovative and easy to use)
  • Get the enquires done from genuine clients
  • Avoid getting pesky calls
  • Speak to customer service manager anytime

The property, be it residential or commercial, can neither be lost nor can it be stolen. A sensible purchase, taken reasonable care and managed wisely is the safest investment made for life, so don’t compromise and take this piece of advice.

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