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January 9, 2018
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March 16, 2018

Have ample time

Most often we do decide late and rush at the 11th hour. That doesn’t suit particularly if you are looking for a new house. It has many ‘Cons’ than ‘Pros’.

Just in a hurry that in a few days, if you don’t get a house, you will end up staying at same rented accommodation, or pay extra rent shouldn’t affect your search of a good house according to your dreams.

Decide at least one month prior to taking a house. It will give you proper time even your hectic schedule to properly check and finalise good house.

Take Help of Online Home Providers

In the age of Internet Advancement, having a house through online Home Providing Portals is a good idea. ZeroHomz is one such online portal in Delhi where you can filter houses and interact with owner/builders before buying it.

Decide your requirements for an ideal home

Every day you think of a house you dream some amenities that must be there. How should be your kitchen, in what budget, a swimming pool & Park in the neighbourhood, number of rooms, size of washroom, connectivity with workplace, location and many more things.

But there is a huge list of needs that you wish to fulfil through your dream house so, take a paper and pen and write down in bullets what you don’t want to miss out in your dream house at any cost.

Try imagining yourself in any house

Many times we fall in love with a house but before we can grab it we miss out to someone else. So, advice will be not to fall in love and start dreaming yourself in any particular house that may shatter your dreams. You can prioritise houses according to your dreams and finalize any of them according to the situation.

There are numerous dream houses for you

Avoid fear of missing out! There are numerous options coming every day in residential projects in Delhi. And even if you miss a house you loved very much you will get better than that.

So, just start your search at right time and make a checklist of amenities before venturing out on a house-hunting mission.

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