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March 16, 2018
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July 15, 2018
  1. 3-D Visualization of property

ZeroHomz offer 3-D visualization of property through latest software. You can check how your dream house looks from different angles. This will help you see how the different parts of your dream house may look without visiting the property in your hectic schedule.

  1. No Brokerage, Free Property Search

ZeroHomz is started with the dream to provide brokerage-free property search for its customers. That you will definitely get here. No need to pay the huge ransom to brokers/dealers. Just click on your gadget and see the property. Short-list according to your choice and book online. 

  1. Aerial View of the Neighbourhood

At ZeroHomz you can see your property through an aerial view and also its neighborhood. These are satellite images of the locality especially obtained by builders or developers for buyers. You can also see the neighborhood like ATMs, Hospitals, Nearest Metro Station and motor-able roads leading to nearby cities. 

  1. Verified Properties

It collects data on the property from real-estate developers who own the property or through agents who visit the property on his behalf. We check hundreds of data points about each property so that you would not face any awkward situation in future. Hence, you need not fear authenticity of any property put on the website.

  1. Easy short-listing

It offers many choices. At ZeroHomz online portal you can easily filter houses of your choice like in which city you want the house, what is your budget, by which date you want a ready-to-move-in property, free registration, choice of project size and many more things. 

  1. Online Booking & Easy Cancellation

It offers house booking online. Your location doesn’t matter to us. You can easily choose the payment plan/options and book the property by paying the initial amount. If you wish to alter the choice you have right to cancel the property.

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