5 Things to Consider before going on House Search Mission
March 13, 2018
6 Reasons why to rely on ZeroHomz for House Search
March 26, 2018

With increasing number of young and adult arriving in the opportunity to find a better place house search are continuous phenomena.

Most people find it difficult to go on their own and look for a house in their hectic schedule. So, they contact brokers who can search a house on their behalf.

But taking services of brokers is not always a pleasing experience. Most of them tend to spend more than expected and gain a bitter experience.

So, ZeroHomz has brought here some clues about Devious Brokers whom you can avoid and have a good experience of house search with a good broker.

1. Fake Broker are Instant Money Minded

Sly brokers pose to give you assistance but in fact, they tend to make instant money and don’t bother about your needs. Once you take a house, you find it lacking sufficient amenities and again you contact the broker for a new house. The process goes on. And every tie broker charges a huge sum nearly double/triple of your accommodation as service charge.

2. Hide Details

Fake brokers hide important details like who is real owner of the house, how much exact rent you have to pay, additional maintenance charges, electricity bill, exact connectivity and other things.

3.  They force you take instant decisions

Fake brokers are always money minded. So, they know it well unless you finalize the property they will not be paid. Thus, instead of giving you some time to ponder over or show you more options they will force you to accept the choices given by manipulating its suitability.

4. They are ambiguous

The Fake broker often tends to hide important details related to the property. So, dig a little deeper about whom it belongs, who is the real owner, any dispute related to it and about rent agreements.

A little more investigation would give you a peaceful sleep during your stay in the house.

5. They are irritably insistent

A fake broker will be insistent in pursuing his target of giving the particular house on rent and making quick money. Instead of being honest with problems you might face there, they will be persistent in telling you only positives and thus making you fool.

So, forget not these points before going on House Searching Mission.

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